À la carte

MACHI KE SOOLEY                                                         9,40
Rajasthani speciality of fish fillet marinated with brown onion, garlic, coriander and spices grilled to perfection.

PRAWN BALCHAO                                                         11,50
Goan pickle style, fiery, sweet and sour prawn specialty, made spicy as per your liking.

KALONJI MURGH TIKKA                                               9,30
Freshly grilled boneless chicken thigh with a yoghurt and black fennel marinade.

LUCKNOWI SEEKH                                                       9,60
Mildly spiced skewered minced lamb, cooked in tandoor.

PUNJABI SAMOSA                                                        7,20
Crisp triangles of mildly spiced potatoes and green peas.

KOLKATA STREET CHOP                                             8,70
Kolkata speciality from Chef Sumit:  eclectic mix of beetroot, cauliflower, carrot, potato.

ONION BHAJI                                                              7,20
Golden fried onion fritter. An all time favorite!

PANEER TIKKA AMRITSARI                                         9,50
Mildly spiced cottage cheese cubes with a yoghurt and royal cumin marinade, finished in the tandoor with onion, tomato and peppers.

PAPDI CHAAT                                                                 8,70
Whole wheat crisps topped with a chick pea relish and drizzled with yoghurt, mint and tamarind.

GHUGHNI CHAAT                                                           8,50
Rangoli’s version of the famous Ghughni chaat of Kolkata, with chickpeas, crispy potato straws and chutneys.

SOUP OF THE DAY                                                         8,40

SALAD OF THE DAY                                                       7,90


From our Tandoor...
RUBIANI JHINGA                                                   14,90
Prawns flavoured with rose petal, star anise and fennel, then grilled to perfection in our tandoor.

SARSONWALI MACHI                                            14,10
Tandoori smoked salmon steaks, flavored with mustard.

TANDOORI MURGH                                               13,90
Chicken grilled to perfection. One of the most popular dishes ever.


MURGH TIKKA MAKHANI / BUTTER CHICKEN                           13,50
Our house speciality: chicken in a creamy fenugreek flavoured tomato sauce, with a hint of honey. A classic!

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA                                                             12,90
Though the origins of this dish are disputed, it still remains Britain’s national dish and India’s pride - Chunks of chicken marinated in spices and yogurt then baked in a tandoor, cooked in our own masala (“mixture of spices”) sauce.

DHANIA MURGH                                                                             12,90
Chicken morsels cooked in a creamy smooth browned onion, cashews and yoghurt sauce, flavoured with fresh coriander.

SAAG MURGH                                                                                  12,90
A creamy mélange of fresh spinach and chicken, seasoned with mild spices.

Fish & prawns
The Chettinad way of life revolves around really fragrant food that arouse the senses like no other cuisine can! We propose you a tangy fish or prawn curry.

HYDERABADI SALAN: FISH OR PRAWN                                    13,90
Fish or prawns simmered in a traditional hyderabadi curry, cooked with peanuts, coconut, sesame and tamarind.

Red Meat
KOHE - ROGANJOSH                                                                  14,90
Braised lamb with sundried ginger, tomatoes and chilli. A Kashmiri speciality!

BHUNA GOSHT                                                                           15,50

A traditional slow cooked, classic lamb preparation. With spices and onion, cooked in its own juice.

LAMB VELLAI KURMA                                                               14,90
A mildly spiced delicious coconut and cashewnut kurma from Coimbatore.

KADHAI GOSHT                                                                         14,90
Kadhai is a thick round bottomed pan, used in Northern India and neighbouring countries, in which lamb chunks are cooked on slow fire with crushed whole spices and peppers.

MIRCH BAIGAN KA SALAN                                                    11,70
Aubergine and peppers simmered in a traditional hyderabadi curry, cooked with peanuts, coconut, sesame and tamarind

TAWA PANEER MASALA                                                        11,90
Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a tomato and garlic sauce, laced with peppers and chilly flakes.

PANEER BUTTER MASALA                                                     12,50
Cottage cheese cubes cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.

SAAG PANEER                                                                    

Home made cottage cheese in a creamy spinach sauce.

MATAR PANEER                                                                 11,90
A cottage cheese delicacy in a tomato cashew sauce. Normally served mild, but if you want it spiced, just ask. A North Indian recipe.

BOMBAY VEGETABLE CURRY                                          10,70
Garden fresh vegetables simmered in onion, tomato and cashewnut sauce.

GUNPOWDER ALOO                                                          10,50
Potatoes tossed with south Indian condiments made with roasted lentils, sesame and chilies.

ALOO GOBI                                                                        10,90
Home style preparation of potatoes and cauliflower florets tempred lightly with onion and tomatoes.

DAL MAKHANI                                                                   11,90
Black lentils and chana dal slow cooked overnight on our Tandoor. Our House speciality.

PINDI CHANA                                                                    10,90
Home style chickpea preparation in a tangy tomato sauce.

TADKA DAL                                                                          9,90
Our supreme dish of yellow lentils, slowly cooked and tempered to enhance your meal.

MATAR KE CHOLE                                                               9,50
Sun-dried white peas slowly cooked and tempered to enhance your meal.

NAAN                                                                               3,25
A classic bread with leavened dough.

PUDINA NAAN                                                                 3,45
A classic bread with leavened dough flavoured with mint.

TANDOORI ROTI                                                                 2,75
Wholemeal unleavened bread cooked in the Tandoor.

LACHCHA PARATHA                                                           3,60
Rich flaky bread enriched with butter.

KULCHA (CHOOSE ONE FILLING)                                     3,70
Naan bread filled with: cheese / potato / lamb / garlic / onion / fruit and nut (Peshawari)

SAFED CHAWAL                                                                4,10
Fluffy white long grained basmati rice.

JEERA PULAO                                                                    4,40
Basmati rice flavored with cumin.

DUM KA BIRYANI with a unique presentation
Saffron clad basmati rice mingled with an exotic myriad of flavors, served with raita.
Lamb                      16,90
Chicken                   15,60
Shrimp                    17,90
Vegetable                15,10

RAITA                                                                                3,50
A chilled cumin flavoured yogurt salad.

KACHUMBER SALAD                                                          4,50
Freshly cut cucumber, tomato and onions cubes, spiked with Chaat masala.

ONION SALAD                                                                         2,50
Freshly cut onions pickled with lemon, chaat masala and salt.

PAPADOM                                                                            1,25
Roasted lentil crisps spiked with cumin, served with accompanying chutneys.


Anand Negi, our Chef,  has published a book with more than 100 recipes, some of which can be found on the menús of Bembì and Rangoli

Available in bookstores and in our restaurants



Tandoori dishes
The tandoori cooking technique was traditionally used by the nomadic tribes in the steppes of Central Asia, and was introducedin to India by the Mughals. The Tandoor is an oven made of special clay from Northern India. The process consists in putting the spices directly on the coal, which gives the food a very peculiar smoky flavor. Cooking temperature is around 450° C.

There are many legends about the origin of the word curry but most people have accepted the word "kari". This term comes from Tamil Nadu (South India), and mean hot sauce. The curries are made by a combination of spices, for example, coriander, cumin, black pepper, white pepper, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, etc., mixed in exact proportions. Our chef has chosen the best curries in India for your enjoyment.

Paneer is a fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine. Of Indian origin, it tastes slightly acidic. To obtain it, milk has to be  boiled with lemon juice or other citrus to coagulate. Unlike most of the world's cheese, paneer manufacturing doesn't  require rennet as coagulation agent, thus, the manufacturing is completely lacto-vegetarian. It constitutes a major source of protein for vegetarians of India, being an ideal substitute for meat.